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Of course, no two moves are exactly the same, therefore, you can fill out our free estimate form in order for us to make a thorough assessment of your individual moving needs, and give you a comprehensive and accurate cost estimate.

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Action Piano Moving Inc.
(602) 547-8776
Special People We've Served....

Charles Barkley         Scottsdale
Kevin Johnson         Phx
Waymen Tisdale                Scottsdale
Amar'e Stoudemire            Phx
Dan Marley               Phx
Jerry Colangelo Family
Bill Bidwell Family   PV
Joe Garajolea
June Carter Cash & Family   Chandler
Stevie Nicks    PV
Gordie Hormel         Phx
Liz Story Recording

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Arizona State University
Gammage Theater
Scottsdale Center of Arts
Glendale Community College
Scottsdale Community College
Mesa Community College
Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Phx Union Community College
Easy Valley Music School
Yamaha Music School
Sedona Jazz Festival
Sedona Church in the Rocks
Frank Lloyd Wright Museum
Tempe Music Museum
AZ Piano Co.
Steinway of Phx Co.
Harmony House of Phx Pianos + Antiques
Allen Piano Co.
Shermen Clay Piano AZ + California
Washnurn Piano Co.
Exxl Piano Rental Co.
Unique Piano Consignment
Action Piano Moving Inc. has a full knowledge of many brand names such as: Charles R. Walter, Yamaha, Kawai, Mason & Hamlin, Bechstein, Acrosonic, Aeolian, Knabe, George Steck, H.F. Miller, Sterling, Cable, Ellington, Howard, Kranick & Bach, Bechstein, Samick, Bluthner, Boston, Cable, Charles Walters, Estonia, Falcone, Faziolo, Grotrian, Bosendorfer, Kohler and Campbell, Kranich & Bach, Petrof, Pleyel, Samick, Schimmel, Yahama, Steinway, Wurlitzer, Hamilton, Baldwin, Chickering, Sohmer, Story & Clark, Young Chang, Blunthner, Bohemia, Pleyel, Etrof, Ellingon, Chippendale.
Piano’s are a wonderful instrument and look fantastic in any home, however you cannot simply pick up a piano and move it.  This is typically due to the size and weight of the average piano. A standard upright piano weighs roughly 400 to 900 pounds, and Grand pianos can weigh in at around 650 to 1300 pounds.  Incorrect moving of a piano can cause the piano significant damage and greatly decrease its value.  The value of a piano can alter by a couple of hundred bucks to 500,000 dollars which depends greatly on the piano’s make, model, age and condition.  In many cases even fixing the piano is no longer possible after it has been damaged.  The best way to prevent this from happening is to hire a professional piano mover who knows exactly what they're doing.
Why pay for a Professional Piano Mover?